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Ms. Dove and Little Bunny

Ms. Dove and Little Bunny

- Joy Krauthammer

Today, as each day this week, as soon as I woke-- before 6 am, I, quick as a bunny, checked on the nesting dove. Ms. Dove nests on her two white eggs in my hanging donkey tail succulent filled planter, outside only feet from where I work and watch as I write. I feel as if I am Ms. Doves protector, but leaving for my week-long Kallah in two days, I am concerned about predators. Couple days ago, I was aghast to see the two large local red-tailed hawks sitting in my garden on the grass. They have never landed at my home, but only soar constantly over head perching in the neighbor's tall palm tree.

It is strange to me that mom dove does not mind me often walking past her  as she is by my door and window. (She seemed mostly calm as I hung to dry all my colorful hand laundry near her yesterday.) Amazing to me also that Ms. Dove does not fly off with my visitors or even the gardener mowing the lawn.  She is doing her job. 

I added to the planter, a tiny plastic container filled with water in case she is thirsty in this heat.  On the ground under Ms. Dove, I put a tin plate filled with water so she can bathe. I don't think she has touched either.

She doesn't mind the wild cute bunny with the white cotton-tail that visits. Unlike Ms. Dove, Bunny does not let me come close, but scampers away, hopping through the wrought iron gate by the blooming passion flowers, or the gate at the end of the long path. (See the photos in collage.) This is probably the same bunny (or one of the two) that was in my front garden in the dark of evening, a few months ago. I see Little Bunny also inches from my front door in the little flower patch. Ah, maybe that is why the lovely lone red nasturtium flower is missing.

There are bunny poop pellets all over my garden grass, a lot closer to the door than I would have thought. I discovered that as I laid out on the grass and in the hot nineties sun, all my purple laundry. Bunny will be happy that I'm gone for a week, but I have fears for while I am gone.

For a potential nesting location, the pair of doves had explored my porch eaves and both of the hanging planters. They made other chimes bounce and sing when they landed and perched on the chimes decorated with colorful exotic birds. It was their play ground. They chose plush succulents in which to build their home. The nesting place sways gently in the soft breeze. I wonder if they like the swing effect, like rocking a baby. 

It thrilled me to see two weeks ago, that the doves were making their nest from leafless strands of crawling grass vines. Bunny had eaten the leaves off the grass, and the pair of doves used the remainder for their home. Bunny doesn't like the spinach nor the baby carrots that I put out for her. Bunny has been here for over a month at least that I see her daily. I finally realized that there are two bunnies. (See lower photo in collage.)

As I sign off, I peek out and see Little Bunny munching in the middle of the lawn, just past Ms. Dove. Bunny is eating leafless, long dry strands of grass. S/He is growing. My heart warms seeing G*d's little creatures in my garden. I am grateful for the delight.
~ ~ ~

Bunnies in Joy's Garden
Doves Nesting in Joy's Garden

photos and collage (c) Joy Krauthammer

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