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Back Yard baby Bunny

May 3, 2012

another Little Bunny
Joy Krauthammer  ©

I'm dating this post because I am placing it above the other older BUNNY posts, and with about a year distance in between the two love stories.


Here's today's collage of Back Yard Bunny. I think this bunny is not last year's Little Bunny. The coloring is similar but different.  This bunny sprints faster and is more afraid. I think he's smaller and with less elongated ears and less white color detail. His tail is not so much of a cotton ball. Of course, last year there were actually two bunnies that I would see together.

The photos here I shot through my kitchen window glass and also through the torn hole in my screen door. The slightest sound, especially opening the porch screen door, gets this little guy running, gone! So far Bunny likes the grassy area by the roses, and also across the yard near the porch corner. Photos through the porch glass didn't come clear, although Bunny was closer.

I discovered Bunny about a week ago while talking on the phone to friend, Ruth, at about 7:30 in the morning. I was elated. Ruth could probably hear me squeal with joy all the way to Malibu without a phone. Each time Ruth called in early morning, there was Bunny. Now I'm seeing Bunny daily. Last night I was thrilled to see Bunny at 7:30, but in the evening.

The funny thing is that it is about a year ago when Little Bunny first appeared. Around the same time, the wild doves were beginning in my porch planter, to build their nest from the remains of Bunny meals, denuded twigs. Sure enough, last couple days, a pair of doves are back, and also eating from my lawn. Hmm, I hope they don't remake the nest in the succulent plant. The stress waiting for danger to pass during nesting was too hard for me. Those stories are below.

photos and collage by Joy Krauthammer  ©

It's the Season of Bunny and Doves.
I don't know if this dove from yesterday is the same dove as day before with his pal, 
or same as from last year, 
but doves have not been here lately and now they are.

Dove in front garden.  
Joy Krauthammer ©



My rebbe Yosef tells me, "No one’s joy is complete unless he can share it with others."

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